LEC Summer 2022 returns from the week long break on Week 4. Players come up with interesting picks, like Shyvana top and Taric's resurgence.

LEC Summer 2022 Week 4

Astralis vs Excel Esports


  • AST: Gangplank, Lucian, Yuumi, Renata Glasc, Ahri
  • XL: Seraphine, Volibear, Sylas, Pyke, Swain


  • AST: Ornn, Wukong, Orianna, Ashe, Tahm Kench
  • XL: Gnar, Trundle, Lissandra, Kalista, Braum

Summary: Early pressure was applied to the Astralis bot lane, allowing Excel to earn early dragons. However, this meant that XL's top side needed to play weakside. Astralis' team composition had a lot of easy “go buttons,” which made their engages simple and effective. XL claim a Baron after winning an extended fight, taking down some towers. Their second attempt at Baron was more contested, but XL still came out on top, taking down the Baron and a few Astralis members. XL get the Ocean Soul, and with one Nexus tower standing, Astralis burst down the third Baron of the game. They take down Excel after a huge 5v5 team fight in the base, wherein Astralis swept XL clean.

Result: AST win in 45:44 (AST 17 – 11 XL)

Team BDS vs. MAD Lions


  • BDS: Kalista, Volibear, Gangplank, Wukong, Sylas
  • MAD: Ezreal, Renata Glasc, Poppy, Trundle, Ahri


  • BDS: Gnar, Jarvan IV, Swain, Twitch, Yuumi
  • MAD: Ornn, Lee Sin, Lissandra, Zeri, Lulu

Summary: MAD's mid-jungle duo began their aggression as soon as Lissandra got her ultimate, which allowed them to take a couple of dragons. A big fight around the third drake resulted in all members of BDS dying and all MAD members surviving. This early ace only bought MAD more space on the map, and soon enough BDS was not able to stop them. MAD Lions owned the map and won every fight. As the game went on, the rest of it after the early ace felt like a formality. R ight after MAD claimed the Hextech Soul, BDS picked a Hail Mary fight in mid lane  – a fight resulted in their Nexus exploding.

Result: MAD win in 26:43 (BDS 1 – 17 MAD)

Fnatic vs. Misfits Gaming


  • FNC: Lee Sin, Yuumi, Twitch, Volibear, Lulu
  • MSF: Kalista, Corki, Zeri, Renata Glasc, Rakan


  • FNC: Shyvana, Viego, Azir, Caitlyn, Morgana
  • MSF: Gnar, Wukong, Akali, Aphelios, Amumu

Summary: The early game was incredibly scrappy – everytime Viego made a move, Amumu and Wukong were lying in wait. The customary fight for Rift Herald occurs, with FNC coming up on top. This victory also brings their jungler back into the game, as well as opening up the side lanes with the summoned Herald. Fnatic looked disjointed this game, and it seemed that Misfits had the better communication when it came to playing the map. Misfits win a fight around a drake, allowing them to slay Baron. They take down several towers and the next drake, putting them on Soul point. Fnatic then burst the Baron, equalizing the map state despite Misfits still being ahead in gold. Around the third Baron, a big fight breaks out and no Fnatic member survived. This allowed MSF to walk into the enemy base and raze their Nexus.

Result: MSF win in 37:46 (FNC 9 – 21 MSF)

G2 Esports vs. SK Gaming


  • G2: Kalista, Yuumi, Gangplank, Samira, Ornn
  • SK: Senna, Zeri, Seraphine, Trundle, Taliyah


  • G2: Gnar, Volibear, Azir, Lucian, Nami
  • SK: Sylas, Poppy, Akali, Draven, Nautilus

Summary: A slower early game this time, with most action occurring in the form of lane trades. SK were the first to spill blood, both in mid and bot lane. At every turn, SK had G2's number. SK were always first on the play, leaving G2 with little to no time to react or reply. They quickly stacked dragons until they claimed the Cloud Soul, and even caught G2 with their pants down in the middle of a Baron attempt. SK clean them up and at this moment it felt hopeless for G2. SK Gaming, wearing both the Elder Drake and the Baron buffs, marched down G2's base and destroyed their nexus right in front of them.

Result: SK win in 34:38 (G2 9 – 22 SK)

Rogue vs. Team Vitality


  • RGE: Yuumi, Gangplank, Corki, Lulu, Renata Glasc
  • VIT: Wukong, Azir, Lucian, Rakan, Poppy


  • RGE: Gwen, Vi, Sylas, Kalista, Taric
  • VIT: Gnar, Viego, Akali, Zeri, Tahm Kench

Summary: Rogue put themselves ahead in the lead early after a double kill claimed in the bot lane. Effective roams and good timing allowed them to expand their lead to the mid lane and even jungle. Once Vitality realized this,  they started grouping up and picking every fight they can, most of which they won due to numbers advantage. However, Taric's invulnerability being a factor in these fights made it hard for them to approach, and they get aced by Rogue in a fight around the Baron pit. Rogue's Baron buff was well utilized, earning them the entirety of Vitality's base.

Result: RGE win in 29:54 (RGE 15 – 5 VIT)

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SK Gaming vs. Excel Esports


  • SK: Yuumi, Lucian, Zeri, Trundle, Wukong
  • XL: Seraphine, Gnar, Gangplank, Azir, Gragas


  • SK: Shyvana, Poppy, Sylas, Kalista, Renata Glasc
  • XL: Ornn, Volibear, Taliyah, Draven, Janna

Summary: XL's mid jungle duo focused on the top side, which did put their top laner ahead but meant that their bot lane had to play safe. The fights die down in the mid game, as both teams focus on taking objectives instead. When one did break out, it resulted ina unanimous SK win and earned them the Baron buff. SK group as 5 taking everything in the map, and soon ended the game with their second Baron buff.

Result: SK win in 35:05 (SK 12 – 3 XL)

MAD Lions vs. Astralis


  • MAD: Ornn, Renata Glasc, Sylas, Xayah, Zeri
  • AST: Yuumi, Seraphine, Gangplank, Lucian, Draven


  • MAD: Gnar, Lee Sin, Lissandra, Samira, Rell
  • AST: Camille, Trundle, Orianna, Jinx, Tahm Kench

Summary: A well executed top dive by MAD put their entire top side ahead, and they didn't stop swinging. Fights were endlessly picked by the Lions, and Astralis only found the space to breathe after MAD overstay their welcome. Astralis get the Baron buff, and even took a MAD inhibitor with it. MAD claim the second Baron, and with the Mountain Soul buff, slay the Elder dragon in front of Astralis. A last ditch effort was made by Astralis to teleport into the MAD base to attempt a backdoor but was thwarted.

Result: MAD win in 38:49 (MAD 15 – 9 AST)

Team BDS vs. Rogue


  • BDS: Kalista, Gangplank, Senna, Azir, Vi
  • RGE: Yuumi, Corki, Ezreal, Irelia, Camille


  • BDS: Sion, Wukong, Sylas, Seraphine, Nautilus
  • RGE: Gnar, Lee Sin, Lissandra, Lucian, Nami

Summary: BDS were quick to play around their unconventional bot lane, and Rogue reply with a couple of picks of their own. BDS found a good fight in mid, but it wasn't enough to dig them out of the hole they found themselves in. Rogue continue to run down mid lane, an claim the Baron buff with the space they made. BDS attempt to fight off Rogue from destroying their base, but their resistance was futile.

Result: RGE win in 27:52 (BDS 3 – 16 RGE)

Misfits Gaming vs. G2 Esports


  • MSF: Senna, Renata Glasc, Poppy, Gnar, Rakan
  • G2: Lee Sin, Ornn, Yuumi, Karma, Lulu


  • MSF: Gwen, Viego, Corki, Zeri, Braum
  • G2: Gangplank, Wukong, Sylas, Twitch, Taric

Summary: The G2 squad grouped up very early, allowing them to find kills but Misfits took this time to claim objectives. The first 5v5 fight broke on the third dragon, with G2 coming up on top. The drake after that was a similar story. MSF find themselves in a rough spot, and manage to take down the Baron. Now with two dragons apiece, both teams once again fight, and G2 once again wins the fight. MSF claim another Baron and dragon, keeping the Drake score tied but with MSF with much more pushing power. G2 were the ones to eventually claim the Infernal Soul, but they lose the resulting fight afterwards. MSF were then free to relieve G2's base of its Nexus.

Result: MSF win in 42:23 (MSF 13 – 18 G2)

Team Vitality vs. Fnatic


  • VIT: Azir, Volibear, Gwen, Ahri, Rakan
  • FNC: Corki, Yuumi, Wukong, Lee Sin, Jarvan IV


  • VIT: Gangplank, Xin Zhao, Sylas, Zeri, Lulu
  • FNC: Kayle, Viego, Zoe, Twitch, Renata Glasc

Summary: Vitality spotted the Kayle as a weak spot, and quickly punished the champion before she could hit level 6. At 11 minutes, Kayle has already died 5 times. Fnatic tried to play around their other players who weren't as behind, but Vitality found strength in numbers and practically went around the map in a group of 5. They take everything: tower, FNC players, Baron, until they eventually got to FNC's Nexus.

Result: VIT win in 31:47 (VIT 17 – 11 FNC)

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