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Desmond Trufant not a fan of player comparisons


While the current coronavirus pandemic is affecting the rest of the world, NFL free agency is still happily chugging along. Players continue to sign for teams while in the comfort of their own home, and comparisons are being made between arriving and departing players. However, Detroit Lions talent Desmond Trufant is not a fan of the idea.

The Lions talent is coming in as a virtual replacement for Darius Slay who has been clamoring for a move away from the franchise. Now that the moves have been finalized, people can’t help but compare the two secondaries.

Trufant made his thoughts clear about the matter: he does not like being compared to another player and would rather just play his game.

Josh Alper of Pro Football Talk quoted the 29-year-old’s thoughts on comparing players:

“Honestly, I just compete with myself to be real with you,” the new Lions talent said on a conference call, via MLive.com. “Everybody got their own success story; everybody’s story is different. You know what I’m saying? Once you start talking about that, that’s just a matter of opinion. You know what I mean? For me, I just want to reach my potential as far as me playing at my highest level, you know, for the rest of my career. That’s just what I want to be. Only I know that you know, only I know when I’m playing my best, or I’m maximizing all my opportunities. That’s just how I want to finish this thing out.”

It’s a great answer from Trufant. He’s also coming off a great season. He may have missed almost half the season due to injuries, but finished strong with 18 tackles, seven pass deflections, and four interceptions. Meanwhile, Slay is an entirely different corner with his 46 tackles, one fumble recovery for 38 yards, 13 pass deflections, and two picks.

Only time can tell if Trufant’s arrival is an upgrade, but fans are obviously hoping that ends up being the case.