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Lions’ latest move could be the beginning of Jared Goff’s end in Detroit

Jared Goff, Dan Campbell, Lions

Jared Goff’s first season with the Detroit Lions has been nothing short of a disappointment so far. While the young quarterback isn’t really performing terribly on an individual level, the team as a whole has been a mess. They currently have 0 wins on their record, their only saving grace being a 16-16 draw to a Ben Roethlisberger-less Pittsburgh Steelers.

With Goff suffering an oblique injury in that draw to the Steelers, the Lions are turning to an unlikely source. Adam Schefter reported that backup quarterback Tim Boyle will make his first NFL start in Week 11 against the Cleveland Browns.

Is this the start of Goff getting pushed out of Detroit? Well, not quite. Boyle, a former practice player for the Green Bay Packers isn’t exactly a stud player that will replace Goff full-time. This is only his first career start, as mentioned above, and he hasn’t been impressive in his college career, as some fans were quick to point out.

Perhaps Boyle is a practice demon for the Lions, and the coaching staff deem that he’s at least worth a look for the team. Nonetheless, Goff’s career with the Lions isn’t going to be ending with this move—probably. Who knows, maybe we’ll see a Cinderella game like Mike White’s just a few weeks ago, and we’ll come to realize that Tim Boyle is way better than this Jared Goff fellow.

I kid—for the most part. Either way, an amazing performance from Boyle can’t possibly hurt Lions fans this late into the season, and will probably not affect Goff’s status as the future of the franchise. Probably.