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‘He’s a very friendly target’: Jared Goff drops truth bomb on how Amon-Ra St. Brown makes life easy for him

Amon-Ra St. Brown, Jared Goff, Lions

Amon-Ra St. Brown is proving to be a vital part of the Detroit Lions offense, and he is now Jared Goff’s go-to receiver.

The Lions got their first win of the season this Sunday against the Washington Commanders. Amon-Ra St. Brown reeled in nine catches for 116 yards and two touchdowns. St. Brown also tied an NFL record, with eight straight games having at least eight catches. He is on an incredible run.

Jared Goff is pleased to have a reliable pass-catcher.

“So, it’s a guy I’m lucky to play with, and sky’s the limit for him,” Goff said after the game.

Jared Goff went on to praise Amon-Ra St. Brown’s game.

“He’s a very friendly target is the best way to describe it, if that makes sense,” Jared Goff said. “Always comes back to the ball, always catches the ball away from his body, is always where he needs to be, understands coverage, understands what I’m looking at, what I’m looking for. Always asking questions. Comes downhill when he’s breaking out on that touchdown just to make sure that guy can’t make a play on it. Little things like that that typically you can’t teach, and he has it.”

Amon-Ra St. Brown and Jared Goff have clearly established their chemistry over the past season. St. Brown has proved to be huge for the Lions, as the second worst team in the NFL in 2021 have already won a big game and were competitive against the Eagles in Week 1. St. Brown is that difference maker and will continue to have an impact on the game in a big way.

“He’s mistake-free pretty much and does such a great job both in the pass game and in the blocking game, and is such an anchor for us in both areas of the game, and a guy that we always just want to get the ball to,” Goff continued. “We have a few of those guys on our offense, but he’s one of them where it’s like, ‘How do we find a way to get him in space?’”

The Lions will continue to get Amon-Ra St. Brown in space and Jared Goff will continue to utilize his best target, as he will look to set an NFL record in Week 3.