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Locked and Loaded could remain permanently on Apex Legends

Apex Legends, Respawn Entertainment, EA

Battle Royales in general don’t offer any space for creativity from its game developers. The game’s core mechanics doesn’t allow much in the way of the addition of minigames or upgrades. Regardless, Respawn Entertainment remains hard at work with Apex Legends.

Recently, in the game’s seventh season, a special fight ring was added right in the heart of the Olympus map. The ring prevented players from using guns inside and instead made them rely on melee attacks. It’s that sort of creativity from Respawn that lead to the special Locked and Loaded takeover event. Ultimately, the novel idea of Locked and Loaded could become a permanent fixture to Apex Legends in the future.


Locked and Loaded, simply put, gives all players the basic level of equipment from the get-go. Players no longer have to frantically shuffle around for supply bins and spread out equipment to find weapons and armor. When your feet hit the ground, you can immediately begin firing on any fools that dared to land beside you.

The most recent timed Locked and Loaded event entered the game alongside the second-anniversary event. Players were granted grey loot along with a fully kitted-out level one Mozambique Shotgun. The addition of firearms in the locked-and-loaded kit let players happily fire at enemies once they land. Daniel Klein, Respawn Entertainment’s lead game designer, shared a little insight on his team considering making the feature permanent.

“We are… considering. Carefully. No conclusion has been reached yet. I’m personally a little worried about shortening the loot loop by removing grey loot… other than that though it seems like all upside.”

Apex Legends games can take up to anywhere from 15-20 minutes. The permanent addition of a Locked-and-Loaded system could potentially eat a great chunk of that playtime. There’s no telling what ramifications such a monumental change could have on the game. Regardless, it’s a feature that has the potential to liven up Apex’s already exciting gameplay. One thing though, should Respawn decide to commit to this change, hopefully, we won’t have to land with the Mozambique Shotgun.