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Apex Legends announces special Anniversary Collection event

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Two years ago, Apex Legends launched with no fanfare or marketing. The explosion of a brand new battle royale on the market shocked players around the world but it soon proved to be the good kind of shock. Pretty soon, over 50 million concurrent players were queuing up on  Apex games on its first exclusive launcher, EA’s Origin. Today, Apex Legends continues to dominate the scene as one of the best battle royale titles and it only grows with the beginning of its eighth season.

This is your Anniversary

The special Anniversary Collection event features an array of bought free and premium items for players. The event officially kicks off on February 9th and lasts until the 23rd. The free items include two Event Packs, ten Apex Packs, along with guns skins, and charms. Players receive Bangalore stat trackers and an event badge just for logging in during the event.

The event also adds several bundles for sale on the Apex Legends store. Players looking to get their hands on every available cosmetic can shell out real cash to get them instantly.


Apex Favorites

A new Takeover event dominates the queues for the duration of the event. The “Locked and Loaded” event grants each player a full level 1 kit once they hit the ground. Players receive a Mozambique, a shotgun bolt, a scope along with a White Evo Shield and Helmet. White-tier equipment will be absent from the map for every run of the Takeover game event.

The crown of the Anniversary events lies in the return of 24 “fan-favorite” items. Additionally, these items return with a beautiful red and gold motif. Respawn assured its players that anyone lucky or determined enough to complete all items will earn an additional 150 heirloom shards. This allows players to select any heirloom set of their choosing.

The Apex Legends special Anniversary Collection event takes place from February 9th until February 23rd. Currently, the game is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and on PC via Origin and Steam.