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Lonzo Ball gets himself a new Rolls Royce

When John Stockton got his first pay in the NBA, he bought himself a television so he could catch the Super Bowl. Well,  that’s because Stockton wasn’t a big baller.

With Lonzo Ball hitting pay dirt by signing a four-year $33.4 million contract with the Los Angeles Lakers this summer, his life is having a major makeover and that includes his mode of transportation. In a report posted on Ballislife.com, Ball was seen driving a black Rolls Royce to watch his brother LaMelo Ball  and the Big Baller squad take on a team from Australia.

It’s likely the top answer to a Family Feud question about which item NBA players would buy with their first paycheck, so Ball flashing some serious cash on a car dealership shouldn’t come as a surprise.  This isn’t, however, the first sweet ride a Ball family member has acquired this month with Lonzo’s younger brother (and perhaps the least talented hooper among the brothers) LiAngelo Ball surfacing last week sporting a white Ferrari.

Okay, we get it: The Balls aren’t just big ballers. They’re also big spenders.