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Luke Walton impressed by Brook Lopez’s three point shooting

The Los Angeles Lakers are coming into the new season with a wildly different roster. While some pieces have stayed, there were massive changes made during the summer.

First, they had the second selection in the 2017 NBA Draft, choosing UCLA point guard Lonzo Ball. However, even before the draft, a massive move was made.

The Lakers traded 2015 number two overall pick D’Angelo Russell and center Timofey Mozgov for center Brook Lopez and the 27th pick in the 2017 Draft. This move was mostly done to get rid of Mozgov’s bad contract, but they got something good in return too, even if it’s only temporary.

Lopez is a former All-Star and someone who left quite a mark on the Nets. Last season, the offensive center added the three-point shot to his repertoire. He was an offensive phenom before, but now he is even better with the added threat from deep.

Head coach Luke Walton was on the Zach Lowe podcast this week and discussed Lopez’s range.

“It’s exciting because the spacing, at least on paper right now,” said Walton. “There’s spacing we didn’t have last year, which will allow Julius (Randle) to do what he does best. It’ll allow us to get a little more creative in our offense as far as using Brook in some three-point shooting, stretch five plays that really allow wings and other players to get to the basket because of the way he can shoot threes now. 

“[Lopez] was in the gym the other day. I was blown away. I knew he could shoot threes and he hit a bunch last year, 130-something, but when you sit there and watch him shoot threes, they’re beautiful. They come off his hand, they’re soft, he’s going seven or eight out of ten in every spot. Now I just need to make sure I don’t fall in love with that because he’s a big boy and he’s got game on the block.”

Lopez will be the starting center for the Lakers next season. He should thrive with Ball running the point given his exceptional passing and court vision.