Erling Haaland's recent missed chances may have raised eyebrows, but Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola is not losing sleep over the Norwegian striker's profligacy. Guardiola firmly believes that Haaland should not be criticized for his conversion rate and remains confident in his striker's ability to find the back of the net.

Despite scoring seven goals in just five Premier League matches, Haaland faced criticism for his wastefulness in games against West Ham and Red Star Belgrade. Guardiola, however, remains unwavering in his support for the prolific forward.

Speaking about Haaland's conversion rate, Guardiola quipped, “I will not sleep tonight,” before elaborating on his belief in the striker. “My advice is don't criticize Erling too much. Criticize the full-back, the central defender, or the manager, but never, never the striker who has scored all those goals because he will [score], and then you will be in a position where you have to apologize to him.”

While Haaland's conversion rate has dipped compared to last season, Guardiola emphasizes the importance of rhythm and adaptation. He acknowledges that preseason challenges affected Haaland's form but expresses confidence in the striker's growing integration into Manchester City's dynamics.

Guardiola's faith in Haaland as a potent threat remains unwavering, highlighting the correlation between Haaland's involvement in chances and Manchester City's overall performance. As the club looks to maintain their perfect Premier League record, Haaland's scoring prowess remains crucial in their pursuit of success.

Despite missing key players like John Stones, Kevin De Bruyne, and Bernardo Silva, Guardiola's Manchester City squad aims to continue their impressive form. With the potential return of Jack Grealish, Manchester City remains a formidable force as they navigate the challenges of the Premier League season.