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Cristiano Ronaldo gets honest on Manchester United’s dismal campaign

Manchester United, Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo came back to Manchester United in order to win trophies, yet the club is far from doing so right now. The Red Devils are sitting in seventh spot in the Premier League table and a whole 22 points off league leaders Manchester City.

The Portuguese international recently sat down with Sky Sports and got brutally honest on Manchester United’s struggles thus far:

“We are capable of changing things now. I know the way but I’m not going to mention it here because I don’t think it’s ethical on my part to say that.

“What I can say is we can do better – all of us. Manchester (United) belongs to important things, so we have to change that.

“I don’t want to be here to be in sixth place, or seventh place, or fifth place. I’m here to try to win, to compete.

“I think we compete but we are not yet in our best level. But we have a long way to improve and I believe if we change our mind, we can achieve big things.”

The arrival of Ronaldo was supposed to be the missing piece to the puzzle for Manchester United, but that’s been far from the case. Their poor form resulted in the firing of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, with Ralf Rangnick taking over. The German hasn’t quite settled in at Old Trafford yet, but Ronaldo believes he is the right man for the job:

“Since he arrived I think in some points we are better, but he needs time. It’s not that easy to change the mentality of players and the way they play, the culture, the system like that. I believe that he is going to do a good job.”

Finishing in the top 3 is about the only acceptable result for Ronaldo, but Manchester United certainly has a ways to go in that regard. They’ll be looking for their first Premier League victory of the new year this weekend against Aston Villa after suffering a 1-0 defeat to Wolves on January 3rd.