Manchester United has released a statement on their official website addressing the status of Mason Greenwood following the dropping of all charges against him in February 2023. The club has conducted an extensive investigation into the allegations made against Greenwood, taking into account evidence and context not publicly available and gathering input from individuals directly connected to the case.

Throughout the investigative process, the club has prioritized the well-being and perspective of the alleged victim, honoring her right to lifelong anonymity. Concurrently, Manchester United acknowledges its responsibilities to Greenwood, recognizing him as a long-standing member of the club since the age of seven and considering his role as a young player and a new father.

While media outlets have speculated about the outcome of the investigation, the statement clarifies that the decision regarding Mason Greenwood's future has not yet been finalized. The club is currently engaged in internal discussions and deliberations, with the final determination resting with the Chief Executive Officer.

The statement underlines the complexity of the case and the challenging circumstances it has posed for Manchester United. The club acknowledges the strong opinions that have emerged based on the limited information available to the public. As the club progresses through the concluding stages of its careful decision-making process, patience is requested from all parties involved.

Manchester United is committed to ensuring a fair and thorough assessment of the situation while respecting the rights of all individuals affected. Once the decision has been reached, the club intends to communicate and explain the outcome to its internal and external stakeholders.