The Toronto Maple Leafs finally confirmed what fans have expected for a while now. Head coach Sheldon Keefe is sticking around as bench boss in Toronto thanks to his new contract extension. Keefe is now under contract through the 2025-26 season.

General manager Brad Treliving took questions from the media after the extension was announced. Treliving revealed his motivation behind keeping Keefe around for the next few seasons. And it all boils down to what the Maple Leafs have done for the last few seasons: make the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

“I know we're all focused on the end goal here,” Treliving said, via “There's a lot of steps that you have to take to before you get there. You have to put yourself in a position year after year to get to the dance to give yourself an opportunity. Sheldon has done that each and every year.”

Treliving also acknowledged the elephant in the room. Yes, the Maple Leafs have made the playoffs every year since Keefe took over behind the bench in 2019. However, with the exception of this past season, Toronto has gone one and done in each playoff appearance.

However, the Maple Leafs general manager believes in consistency. If you consistently make the playoffs and fight for the Stanley Cup, eventually things will end up breaking your way.

“To me, to have success, you've got to keep knocking on the door and to be good for a long time and consistently be a good team. And it just gives you another ticket to the ball. And you keep knocking on that door, knocking on that door, knocking on that door, to eventually knock it down,” Treliving said, via