Two days ago, 19-year old English Call of Duty prodigy, Marcus “Afro” Reid was signed by the London Royal Ravens, a monumental moment in his career. After years of grinding, he has finally reached the professional scene. Gone are those days when he would bounce around various pickup teams as he was finally given the chance to showcase his skills to a broader audience.

But before he could ever step in the professional scene he had to first prove his point. The Call of Duty Challengers Scouting Series which happened last December 2020 was his golden ticket. The tournament's purpose was to provide an opportunity for aspiring professional players and free agents to go to the next stage in their careers.

The tournament's format resembles that of the NBA Draft Combine, where scouts and coaches would flock to the event to look for potential players to fill their rosters. Each day, Marcus would compete against other aspiring professionals and free agents. He's oftentimes placed in uncomfortable positions, playing alongside other individuals who he barely knows.

Yet against all odds, his efforts yielded the proper harvest. In the end, the London Royal Ravens invited him to be their substitute player.

With the ongoing Call of Duty League 2021 preseason, Marcus can finally prove why he deserved his spot. He may not be a part of the main roster, but there will be a time when the spotlight will be directed on him. His motivations aren't only centered in winning the Call of Duty League with the London Royal Ravens, as he aspires to prove that European players can shine in the professional scene.

He might make his debut against Paris Legion later at 12:00 PM PT in the Kickoff classic, but regardless of whether he's playing or not, his ascension is something to look forward to. Being a part of a professional team is the first step towards that long and grueling esports journey.