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Matthew Stafford: 3 bold predictions for the Lions QB in Week 7 against Minnesota

The Detroit Lions may still be getting the short end of the stick at times, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have one of the most exciting QBs in Matthew Stafford. He’s stepped up his game and has become instrumental in the team’s resurgence as a competitive team this year.

They have a tough matchup against the Minnesota Vikings, and a defeat here could put their playoff hopes in jeopardy. However, fans have enough reasons to believe that Stafford will pull through and give them the victory they know they deserve.

Here are three things Lions fans might see out of their franchise quarterback.

3. Stafford will finish with an 80% pass completion rate

Stafford has had a good season so far. He has notched 1,387 yards in five starts this season, and he’s on pace to finish the season with a better passing number compared to his 2018 campaign. However, there’s a lot left to be desired when it comes to his completion percentage.

He has a career completion percentage of 62%, so his 2019 figure (61%) is not that far off from his usual numbers. His ratings over the past four seasons speak of a different story, though. He’s finished with at least 65% passing accuracy from 2015 through 2018, and it’s in his best interests to keep the streak going. After all, an accurate QB gives the team plenty of chances to win.

With that being said, it wouldn’t be shocking to see Stafford aim for a perfect game and finish with an 80% accuracy rating while throwing some deep balls on the way. After all, he’s also motivated to keep the Lions in contention.

2. Stafford will get a rushing TD

Stafford is known as a dangerous passer, and defenses will be troubled with his accurate throws. However, he can definitely scramble out of the pocket if needed.

He hasn’t completed a rushing touchdown this season. In fact, the last time he has been able to notch a rushing TD was in 2016, the very same year where he had a career year tally of 207 yards.

Moreover, he hasn’t averted from leaving the pocket. He already has 63 rushing yards from 15 carries. If they’re in an end zone situation, the Lions could pull off a QB sneak. Expect Stafford to pull off just that.

1. The Lions will win with Stafford’s guidance

The Lions have enough reason to want to win this game.

They are coming off a frustrating loss to the Green Bay Packers. They have a legitimate shot at making the playoffs with this roster. Stafford is on his way to becoming the youngest member of the 40,000-yard club. They will want to welcome that achievement with a win.

And that’s exactly what Stafford will do for Detroit.