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Mavs news: Mark Cuban claps back at CJ McCollum’s Law and Order parody

C.J. McCollum recently took a shot at the Dallas Mavericks with a recent parody of the hit TV series “Law & Order.” He added his own twist to it by calling the “episode” as “C.J.’s Victims Unit,” which included Wesley Matthews, and the whole Mavs squad, when he hit a game-winner against them last season.

After seeing the video, Mavs owner Mark Cuban was not pleased with it and fired back with a tweet of his own. It included a clip of his team beating the Portland TrailBlazers, and reminded McCollum as well that last year, they also lost to them.

The exchange may have been brought about by the offseason, where players, coaches, and team owners have more time to be active on their social media accounts. In Cuban and McCollum’s case, they have both made a name for themselves for posts they’ve made in the past, and not allowing a shot against them or their teams to just slip by.

It may not be the end of their exchange, as the Blazers shooting guard may respond with another masterfully-made message directed to the Mavs or Cuban. Should that happen, it may start a fiery, yet hilarious thread between them, that will surely be noticed by a lot of fans.