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Avid fisherman Luka Doncic reveals bold goal after NBA season


It’s safe to assume that the center of Luka Doncic’s life is basketball. After all, he’s been a pro baller since he was 13-years-old. However, the Dallas Mavericks star is not just a great baller. He’s also an avid fisherman with pretty lofty ambitions.

Per Doyle Rader of SB Nation, Doncic shared that fishing is his passion outside of basketball. He shared that he goes fishing in Croatia every summer. Along with his basketball sneakers and jerseys, Doncic even brought his fishing equipment with him in the bubble location. And after the 2019-20 season, Doncic intends to catch the biggest of them all.

“Not a crocodile yet—or alligator,” Doncic said. “Soon.”

It’s difficult to tell if Luka Doncic is joking or not. Catching a large and deadly reptile is seemingly an impossible task. But Doncic is a world-class athlete with sky-high standards. Maybe he’s really trying to reel in a crocodile.

But before everything else, Doncic and the Mavs have their eyes set on the season restart. As one of the 22 teams set to return, the Mavs will play eight regular-season games to determine their standings. Right now, the Rick Carlisle-led squad sport a 40-27 record for seventh in the West.

As always, the main goal of any team is to win the title. But in the case of the Mavs, they need to retain that seventh spot first before moving on to a bigger goal. While they’re not necessarily the favorites to win it all, some postseason experience will bring the Mavs squad some great lessons that they can carry moving forward.