Sneaker deals and signature shoes are a huge deal for an NBA player's career. They often signify the separation from being an average rotation player to a star in the eyes of the masses. It's simple supply and demand, really. But, all of those dreams could fall through because of controversial opinions and unfortunate mishaps. This is exactly what happened to Jaylen Brown's former Boston Celtics teammate who is now part of the Dallas Mavericks, Kyrie Irving. Brown unveiled his feelings on the Mavs star's issue with Nike among other controversies in the world of sneakers, via Complex.

“It’s 2023, we kind of know what’s going on with these major corporations and companies, who they’ve invested in, and what they do behind closed doors,” Jaylen Brown said about the controversies surrounding athletes that have their own signature shoe.

So far, Nike has cut ties with Kyrie Irving and the Mavs star has inked a new deal with Anta. There were also rumblings going around when Ja Morant's issue arose. These are all just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to controversial NBA players and their shoe deals. But, the Celtics star remains optimistic in his outlook when it comes to the shoe industry.

“I’m always open to having a conversation and talking, and I’m always open to learning different things and speaking my peace. So, if someone from Nike wants to reach out, tell them to get at me,” Brown declared.

Brown is currently a sneaker free agent. He does like wearing the Kobe Bryant line from Nike. Will he follow the steps of his former teammate who is now in the Mavs and ink a deal?