Dallas Mavericks superstar Luka Doncic put on quite the show on Saturday against Hungary in the EuroBasket 2022. He even showed a flurry of his moves, including a step-back 3-pointer from near the logo that sent fans into frenzy.

Jason Kidd, who was in attendance for the game alongside Mavs GM Nico Harrison, was not impressed and had a rather dull reaction to the triple, though. As the cameras turned to the audience after Doncic’s triple, the Dallas head coach was shown with a straight face while those fans behind him cheer in amazement.

Perhaps Coach Kidd is so used to Doncic doing such things in games and practices that he’s no longer surprised by it?

Whatever the case may be, it might be hard to impress Jason Kidd if he has no reaction from that incredible shot from Luka Doncic. Not to mention that the Mavs superstar was having a great game prior to that, as he finished with 20 points, seven rebounds, seven assists, one steal and one block in just 19.3 minutes of action. He didn’t even play in the fourth quarter at all as Slovenia ran away with the 103-88 win.

But hey, even if Coach Kidd was not as amazed as one would expect, it’s certainly nice to see him watch Doncic in the EuroBasket 2022. He’s surely building a good relationship with his superstar ahead of their second season together.

Kidd’s first year as Mavs head coach was a success after leading the team to the West Finals. Now, in 2022-23, hopes are high he and Luka can improve from that performance.