Mavs news: Mark Cuban reveals NBA's unique experiments to deal with arenas with no fans
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Mavericks’ Mark Cuban reveals NBA’s unique experiments to deal with arenas with no fans

Mark Cuban, Mavs

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has recently revealed how the NBA plans to address the concern about playing the rest of the season in crowd-less arenas. As part of the many social distancing measures that will be implemented by the league in the Florida bubble, fans will not be allowed to watch live games the rest of the way — a major concern that the Mavs owner believes the league will be able to resolve in a creative manner.

Cuban said that the NBA intends to fully utilize the power of technology to be able to try and replicate the crowd noise during games.

“It will be different for certain,” Cuban responded when asked about how he believes the atmosphere will be in the empty arenas, via Steve Serby of the New York Post. “But there will be a lot of technology we will be experimenting with to try to introduce noise and make the event more entertaining for players and TV viewers.”

Cuban went on to say that they actually already have a plan in motion — one that will even involve the fans from the comfort of their own homes.

“We have been having a lot of fun with apps that allow fans to push noise they make at home into the arena,” he revealed. “So not only will there be competition on the court, there will be competition from fans to contribute energy as well!”

That’s certainly something to get excited about. The NBA is definitely trying to pull out all the stops here, and at this point, it appears that they have no other choice.