Mavs news: Rick Carlisle calls latest report on Mark Cuban 'fake news'
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Mavs’ coach Rick Carlisle calls latest report on Mark Cuban ‘fake news’

Rick Carlisle, Mark Cuban

The Mavericks have come under fire lately, especially since the entire organization was involved in multiple sexual assault incidents. Strangely, these incidents involved the many executives of the Mavericks franchise. Mavericks owner, Mark Cuban is usually hands on and very involved with the day-to-day operations of the Mavericks.

Yet, after these incidents received media attention, he quickly denied that he had no knowledge of their occurrence. The NBA and Mavericks decided to conduct an investigation on the entire situation, and Cuban has been absolved for now. However, a recent sexual assault allegation has been levied against Cuban from a situation in 2011. A unknown woman alleged that Cuban groped her inappropriately.

Eventually, no charges were filed and both parties walked away from the allegations. Still, these allegations have already done enough damage, and the NBA is conducting an extensive investigation on the situation. Though, there is some faith within the organization that Cuban is innocent of these claims. That person happens to be Mavericks head coach, Rick Carlisle, who called these allegations “fake news”, according to Eddie Sefko of Sports Day.

“Very sad,” Carlisle said after practice. “And I view that situation as a baseless and journalistically [sic] unethical rehashing of a proven non-event. That’s what that is. “Have you ever heard the term fake news? This is the most insidious form.”

This vote of confidence from Carlisle shows that most of the Mavericks organization believes in Cuban’s innocence. Though, innocence is a superficial term in this case. Although no charges were filed, the NBA will determined where Cuban stands and inflict a punishment if necessary.