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Mavs’ Rick Carlisle reacts to Marcus Morris ‘purposely’ stepping on Luka Doncic’s ankle


Los Angeles Clippers forward Marcus Morris appeared to have placed Dallas Mavericks star Luka Doncic in some considerable danger following what looked like a dirty play from Morris. Mavs head coach Rick Carlisle opened up on the incident and admitted that he could conclude if Morris’ actions were indeed done on purpose.

Carlisle just hopes that Morris did not have any bad intentions on Doncic:

Doncic has been struggling with an injured ankle over the past couple of games, and he was continuously being treated for the same throughout Game 5. He was clearly being bothered by the lingering ankle issue, and if Morris’ actions were indeed intentional, then that would have been completely unacceptable. The level of competition between the players is extremely high — especially in the playoffs — but to intentionally hurt your opponent is simply deplorable.

To be fair to Morris, it did not appear like he acted purposely when he stepped on Doncic’s injured ankle, and he even went to help out the Mavs guard right after. It’s either that or Morris is just a really good actor.

Then again, if you look at this play from a different angle, Morris does look like the guilty party here:

Whatever the case may be, Doncic will be in a race to get ready for Thursday’s Game 6 matchup. The Mavs are now 3-2 down in the series, and are on the brink of elimination. With Dallas big man Kristaps Prozingis already questionable for that one due to a knee issue, you can be sure that Doncic will do everything he can to suit up for that pivoatal do-or-die matchup.