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3 things to look forward to in ‘The Last Dance’

The day has finally arrived for the release of ESPN’s highly anticipated miniseries, “The Last Dance.” After a long wait that felt like forever because of all the free time brought about by the coronavirus lockdown, we are now on the brink of feasting our eyes on what is expected to be an epic documentary about Michael Jordan.

So what should we expect from this long-awaited documentary? Below we have three things to look forward to in this unprecedented, all-access docuseries.

Michael Jordan can be a huge jerk

As part of the buildup to “The Last Dance,” several new narratives have come out with regards to the personality of Michael Jordan. While some of them have been about how great he was as a player (nothing really new about this, honestly), more than a few spoke about his flawed character.

One of the stories that stood out was how his former teammates viewed him. Jerry Stackhouse, who played with MJ in one season with the Washington Wizards, even went as far as saying that he wishes he never had the opportunity to play alongside the man he once considered to be his idol.

Even Jordan himself said that the documentary will make people think he’s a “horrible person,” so it will be very interesting to see why.

Jerry Krause

ESPN recently released a five-minute preview of the first episode of the series, and it was clear that one of the main characters in the documentary is former Chicago Bulls general manager Jerry Krause. Krause played a pivotal role in bringing about the end of Michael Jordan’s dynasty.

Given how the creators of this series were given unbridled access to the team throughout MJ’s last season with the Bulls, we should definitely get a clearer picture on how Krause’s actions led to the demise of this once-great team. We’ll also likely see Jordan’s jerkish behavior come out in his dealings with Krause, because it’s well-known how much MJ didn’t like him.


Once this series comes to an end, we should be given a whole new perspective on Jordan. The documentary will contain even more new narratives that we have probably never even heard of before.

The big question is this: how will this affect our view on the legendary Michael Jordan?

At the end of the day, will this series prove how his unmatched competitiveness and unique view of the game make him such a great individual? Or will it tarnish his reputation and make us think whether or not he is indeed the GOAT when everything is taken into consideration?