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Michael Jordan’s daughter says LeBron James won’t be better than her father

lebron james, michael jordan

LeBron James is one of the best, if not the best basketball player in the world today. He has already won almost every the awards the NBA has to offer and also has three championships to his name.

His stellar career so far has already been compared to some of the game’s best ever like Michael Jordan. Fans have been debating for a long time if he has already reached or even surpassed Jordan’s level and have been giving valid points to support their claim.

However, one person who knows His Airness well has given her take on the debate and bluntly said that the Cleveland Cavaliers forward can never be better than MJ.

Jasmine M. Jordan, Michael’s daughter, recently took to Twitter and gave her opinion on the matter, replying to Skip Bayless‘ tweet.

Jasmine may not put an end to the ongoing argument but she made it clear how highly she thinks of her father. For her, like many fans, nobody can ever replace Jordan as the greatest of all time.

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