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Michael Jordan rails against NBA superteams

Michael Jordan, NBA

The GOAT has spoken. None other than Michael Jordan himself has given his two cents worth on superteams in the NBA, and it is clear that His Airness is not a fan.

According to the Charlotte Hornets owner, superstars teaming up to form powerhouse teams has a detrimental impact on the league as a whole:

“I think you want to be able to have competitive balance in the league,” Jordan said, via Cigar Aficionado on YouTube (h/t Jonathan Concool of BasketballNews.com). “And if a player is able to choose/determine what team he wants to play for, then you are going to have some talent discrepancy in the league. So if everybody wants to go to Chicago, then all the best players are going to be in Chicago. You start to see a little bit of it now where all the stars try to get together on the same team, but I think it’s going to start to hurt the overall aspect of the league from a competitive standpoint. Only one or two teams will be great and the other 28 will be garbage.”

This is not something we haven’t heard before. Michael Jordan’s sentiments here are anything but groundbreaking, but for arguably the greatest basketball player of all time to speak so distinctively about this subject means a lot.

Clearly, Jordan feels strongly against superteams. While he did not say it directly, he does not seem to be a fan of LeBron James taking his talents to South Beach to form The Heatles with the Miami Heat, nor did he approve of Kevin Durant joining the dynasty-seeking Golden State Warriors. LeBron and Anthony Davis could potentially be a part of a Los Angeles Lakers superteam if they acquire another star.

For MJ, it’s all about a level playing field — something that goes out the window whenever superteams are forged. This is somewhat amusing coming from a guy who won six titles in eight years, but those Bulls title teams were built a bit more organically.