The ultimate goal for the Michigan football team this season is to win another national championship. The Wolverines pulled it off last season, but things are going to be very different this year. Everything has changed for Michigan, from a player and coach standpoint, and those changes will make it difficult to repeat. Sherrone Moore is the new head coach as Jim Harbaugh left for the Los Angeles Chargers, and there is some outside pressure on him.

Sherrone Moore is trying his best to not let the pressure get to him, but it is there. This Michigan football team is on the mountaintop of college football right now, and it is his job to keep them there. That is a difficult task, but Moore is just focusing on the things that he can control.

“It doesn't weigh on me that much,” Sherrone Moore said in regard to the pressure during an appearance on The Joel Klatt Show. “I think about it, but I'm not going to let it put pressure on me. I just wanna get better everyday, that's it. Just work on this process, we talk about that still with the players, and not gonna let it drain me or try to think about that too much, just going to work on trying to get better at what I can do every single day to make this team the best.”

Some things will stay the same for Michigan football

Michigan head coach Sherrone Moore watches a play during the second half of the spring game at Michigan Stadium

When a guy like Sherrone Moore that was already on the staff gets promoted, there are going to be some things that stay the same. He worked with Jim Harbaugh for multiple years and they saw eye-to-eye on a lot of things. Moore is going to change some things up, but he also thinks that there are aspects that will remain the same.

“I'm not gonna change, I'm gonna be who I've always been,” Moore said. “I've always been a process-driven person. That's who I'm gonna be, I'm not gonna change that. I'm gonna put the players first. Always gonna do that, and that's something me and coach [Harbaugh] were very close on together, how we did things, who this program was about, it was about the players. And even the philosophy of offense and defense. I was very close with him and talked about how we did things on a daily basis, how we conducted our business, what the offense, what defense, what special teams look like, so that philosophy on how we do things will reign true the same on how we did it last year and the years in the past because I had a big hand in that. But there will be some different changes in what we do, but to my core, we're gonna be physical, we're gonna be tough, we're gonna try to outlast people, we're gonna be multiple on every phase and we're gonna be fundamentally sound and balanced.”

The college football world is excited to see what the Michigan football team will look like with Sherrone Moore leading the ship. We are just a couple months away from our first glimpse.