As the rumors continue to swirl about Carmelo Anthony’s potential move to the Houston Rockets, a lot of people are already wondering if he can co-exist on the court with Chris Paul and James Harden. However, what many are not discussing is his possible relationship with his former coach who is now calling the plays for the Rockets, Mike D’Antoni.

It can be recalled that the two already worked together with the New York Knicks, and to put it lightly, their relationship was tenuous. But, according to D’Antoni’s brother Dan, their possible reunion in Houston will be for the better, and he believes it will work out this time. He also added, via Harvey Araton of The New York Times, that Mike doesn’t hold any grudges about Anthony and understands that the situation with the Rockets is more ideal than what they had with the Knicks.

“In New York, Melo and other people were averse to Mike’s offense because it was not only different but it was early different,” said Dan D’Antoni, who served as an assistant coach with the Knicks when his younger brother was in charge. “It was before Golden State [Warriors], before it was settled that there was a new way to play in the NBA. But things change. The league changes. The game changes. Melo changes. Mike changes.”

“Mike doesn’t hold grudges. Our family is like that – we don’t dwell; the next day is going to be better. And Mike doesn’t think he has all the answers. I tell him sometimes he’s too self-deprecating. But he also knows Melo is a great player, and this time he’d be coming into a much more stable environment, more supporters than doubters.”

The talk of a potential blockbuster deal is currently not gaining any traction, but Anthony has made it clear to the Knicks that he doesn’t want to continue his career with the team anymore, increasing the odds of him getting moved to Houston. While it's an intriguing prospect to see him wearing the Rockets' jersey, it's easier said than done, as a lot of work is needed first for it to happen.