It seems the Los Angeles Lakers don't have any interest in trading their top-three pick after all.

Assuming the Lakers retain their top-three pick in this year's draft, general manager Mitch Kupchak laughed off the notion that the team would be looking to trade its pick, via the Thompson and Trudell radio show on ESPN710 in Los Angeles:

This contradicts what Fox Sports Radio host Colin Cowherd stated on Tuesday:

While it seems plausible the team would trade its top overall pick for a superstar that can help them win now, the team's building blocks are just so young. Julius Randle, D'Angelo Russell and Jordan Clarkson are all nice pieces, but they're not going to be part of a championship contender next season.

The Lakers have tried to do quick fixes by mortgaging their future in recent years, such as when they gave up multiple first-round draft picks for Steve Nash in 2012. That obviously didn't work out so well for the franchise.

Los Angeles has a 55.8 percent chance to pick within the top three, so let's hope Kupchak stays true to his word.