The San Diego Padres have never been shy about using the considerable resources at their disposal to upgrade the team. They have exhausted a ton of money and prospect capital, amassing an impressive arsenal of talent on their roster, and yet here they are, with a 49-53 record at the time of writing, languishing at fourth place in the NL West.

Thus, one would think that the Padres will be leaning more towards the side of selling than buying given how far out they are in the playoff race. At the moment, they will have to leapfrog four teams in the wildcard race — which is no mean feat even with there being 60 games left in their season. However, the man behind the Padres' wheel, AJ Preller, may not be willing to punt on the season.

Per Mark Feinsand of, the “feeling within the industry” is that Preller is too aggressive for the Padres to become sellers. Not only will the Padres not sell, however, they're also not just standing pat and hope the team corrects its course on its own.

“Our sense has been San Diego is still lining up to buy,” an AL executive said.

The Padres certainly have the prospect capital to add depth to their roster, and they certainly have the talent on the current squad to go on a hot streak and, perhaps, crash the playoff picture. But AJ Preller has built a reputation over the years of swinging for the fences whenever he could, so don't expect him to stop now — or maybe ever, for as long as he holds a prominent position in a team's front office.