For a limited time, MLB The Show 24 is celebrating one of the most impactful players in sports history, Jackie Robinson. Although Jackie Robinson Day has already passed, MLB The Show 24 added some new content to celebrate his accomplishments as both an individual and a barrier breaker. To celebrate his special day, The Show 24 added a new Jackie Robinson Day Program, along with other goodies to provide both entertainment and a little history lesson. Without further ado, let's take a look at all the latest in MLB The Show 24.

MLB The Show 24 Releases New Program For Jackie Robinson Day

MLB The Show 24 is celebrating the 77th annual Jackie Robinson Day with a new Program, Charity Pack, and much more. It was on April 15th that Robinson became the first African American to play in Major League Baseball. Not only that, but Robinson went on to have a successful career. By the time he retired, Robinson earned 6 All-Star nods, a World Series Championship, and several other accomplishments.

Robinson technically started his career in the Negro Leagues, which The Show 24 players can learn about via the Storylines mode. However, Storylines also lets you play as several other legends who didn't receive the attention Robinson did. After Robinson's baseball career, he went on to become the first black Vice President of a major corporation, Chock full o'Nuts, and helped establish Freedom National Bank.

So, how is MLB The Show 24 celebrating one of the most impactful players to the game?

MLB The Show 24 Jackie Robison Day Program

The MLB The Show 24 Jackie Robinson Day Program comes chock full of content. Firstly, players can enjoy a new Moment dubbed “Robinson Breaks MLB's Color Barrier”. Furthermore, the game added new PXP, Multiplayer Missions, and new conquest map. Additionally, if you complete an Optional Storylines collection, you earn progress toward earning more Negro Leagues Legends in Diamond Dynasty. This includes players like:

  • Buck O’Neil
  • Hilton Smith
  • Hank Thompson
  • Jackie Robinson

Secondly, the Show 24 released a new Jackie Robinson Foundation (JRF) Charity Pack. This new pack, which costs $4.99, offers the following items:

  • Jackie Robinson 42 Bat Skin
  • Jackie Robinson Day Bat Skin
  • Jackie Robinson Foundation Bat Skin
  • DSP Bat Grip – Jackie Robinson
  • Jackie Robinson Day 2024 Stance Socks
  • Jackie Robinson Day Universal Profile Icon
  • Jackie Robinson Universal Profile Icon
  • 5,000 Stubs

This Pack will be available from April 15th to April 29th, 2024 on PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch for U.S. players. Furthermore, PlayStation and San Diego Studios plan to donate 100% of the proceeds from the pack to the JRF. The donations go toward the JRF's PlayStation-MLB The Shows Scholars Program.

Overall, that wraps up everything you need to know about the Jackie Robinson Day Program in MLB The Show 24. It's always nice when San Diego Studio finds a way to implement both history and in-game content into one nicely packaged bundle. It's why we like modes like Storylines, which tells both a story and offers a fun gameplay experience.

MLB The Show 24 Update 5 Fixes Minor Issues

In other news, check out the latest update for MLB The Show 24, which dropped around the same time as the new program. Overall, the new changes include:

  • Added missing UI elements to the Showdown defeat screen.
  • Various minor bug fixes in the Challenge of the Week mode.
  • Various presentation tweaks and adjustments made to Road to the Show and Storylines.
  • Postseason patches will now display on hats when a team is in the playoffs in Franchise mode.

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