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MultiVersus Season 1 gets Ranked and Classic Arcade Modes

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MultiVersus will get to work immediately and fix some of our qualms with Season 1: adding MultiVersus Ranked and Classic Arcade Modes.

MultiVersus is off to a great start with a fantastic launch, high popularity, and a successful debut at Evo 2022. But, lest people forget, the game isn’t out in its full yet, and the game’s Season 1 isn’t even out yet. But with a game that is almost like a full game by today’s standards, we’re still getting a lot of new features once MultiVersus Season 1 comes out, and we’ve got details in this article on what you can just expect for this upcoming update.

Originally scheduled for an August 9 launch, MultiVersus Season 1 will be coming on August 17 instead. The new update will get two separate characters from Rick & Morty as playable characters: Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith. A new Battle Pass track will be available for Season 1, introducing new cosmetics including icons, banners, and skins. But most importantly, MultiVersus Season 1 will address one of our very specific issues with the game in our Closed Beta Impressions: we’re getting a single-player classic arcade mode. We criticized greatly how MultiVersus was an entirely online experience during the Closed Beta, lamenting how our awful fighting game skills get easily trampled by better players online. Soon, even AI can whoop our asses.

Kidding aside, another important addition is coming in Season 1. Given that the game is heavily skewed towards competitive play, it was odd that the game didn’t start with leaderboards. However, that’s just about to change as Season 1 will introduce the new MultiVersus Ranked Mode. It’s currently unclear in what form Ranked Mode will be like – is it a free-for-all, one-on-one, or two-versus-two? But just like most games nowadays, we’re assuming that ranks reset every season.

All these exciting new changes for MultiVersus Season 1 are coming on August 17.