Klay Thompson did not look like his former self when he rejoined the Golden State Warriors this past NBA season. The lethal shooter could only do so much with less than a year of playing back from injury. Now, he has gotten accustomed back into the system through a whole postseason run. There are lofty expectations set before him and the Dubs after their heartbreak loss to the Los Angeles Lakers. But, Mychal Thompson believes that his son will go back into prime form before the NBA All-Star break.

The Warriors may have not had their ideal end to the season at the hands of the Lakers. But, the Stephen Curry-led squad is looking fresh and reloaded. They are getting veteran talent to lead their second-string in Chris Paul. The team also got some young recruits to add to their athleticism.

But, Mychal Thompson only has his eyes set on one player and this is his his son. He even made a bold NBA All-Star declaration before Klay Thompson's season even started, via Mark Media of Sportskeeda.

“He looks good, lean, and ready to go. I expect him to be at a high All-Star level again,” the Lakers legend said. He also added that the Dubs' big three should be kept intact regardless of age, “He, Draymond, and Steph should never wear another uniform.”

There are a lot of floating expectations for the Warriors this season. But, nothing beats a father's sky-high prediction for his son. Will Klay be able to accomplish the goal?