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Anthony Davis claims he intentionally missed first free-throw in All-Star game-winning moment


Although some fans have labeled the end of the All-Star game as anticlimactic, Los Angeles Lakers superstar Anthony Davis was no doubt clutch. The Lakers big man made a game-winning free throw that won Team LeBron the game at 157-155. Kyle Lowry from Team Giannis committed a personal foul on the last possession, and sent Davis, an 85.3% free throw shooter on the line. The score was 156-155 then, which meant that Team LeBron only needed one made free throw.

On a later interview, the Brow said that he intentionally missed the first shot to “put a little pressure on myself here at home.” The Lakers forward referred to venue as home — the United Center in Chicago, Illinois — of which he is a known native.

Davis racked up 20 points and 9 rebounds for his team in 20 minutes of play. His Team LeBron teammate, L.A. Clipper Kawhi Leonard, brought home the first-ever Kobe Bryant MVP award after posting a game-high 30 points with an astonishing eight made threes. Leonard was one short of tying Clippers teammate Paul George’s 2016 record of nine threes in an All-Star game.

Meanwhile, team captain Giannis Antetoukonmpo led his team with 25 points and 11 assists, but failed to capture a win once again against Team LeBron in his second straight try.

The win is huge especially for Lakers’ All-Star representatives LeBron James and Anthony Davis, who sought to honor late Lakers legend Kobe Bryant. The league and its players put up numerous tributes throughout the weekends. Notably, both teams donned No. 2 and No. 24 jerseys. No. 24 was famously one of Kobe’s retired jerseys, while No. 2 was his late daughter Gianna’s chosen number.