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Video: Paul George throws down slick 360 dunk

Paul George

Oklahoma City Thunder forward Paul George has rejuvenated his NBA career since re-signing with the Western Conference powerhouse this past offseason. Forming quite the one-two punch alongside Thunder point guard and triple-double machine Russell Westbrook, George has begun to emerge as a serious MVP candidate.

With George and Westbrook both taking center stage alongside one another on Sunday evening in Charlotte, North Carolina, it was George who struck first in terms “wow” factor. The former Indiana Pacers standout threw down a sweet 360 dunk midway through the second quarter of this year’s NBA All-Star Game.

George and Westbrook have formed a serious bond since the former was acquired by the Thunder. Taking things to a new level this season, George has repeatedly commented on the fact that returning to Oklahoma City was certainly the right choice — a choice that ultimately came into fruition thanks to the presence of Westbrook.

“It wasn’t even about him going beyond and being extra [with his efforts],” George said of his Thunder teammate, via Bleacher Report. “It was about him being himself, him being genuine, him being authentic, him being real. Nothing about him is fake, and that’s the people I want to be around, somebody who’s going to tell it like it is, somebody who’s going to push you, somebody who’s going to encourage you, somebody who’s going to motivate you, and vice versa.”

Further solidifying such a decision to stay in Oklahoma City, George and Westbrook currently have the surging Thunder in third place in the Western Conference standings.