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Murray State’s Ja Morant will wait before declaring following loss to Florida State

ja morant

Murray State sophomore guard Ja Morant gave fans and scouts equal reason to think he’s destined for an NBA future after his showcase in the NCAA Tournament, dropping only the eighth ever triple-double in tournament history during a win over No. 5 seeded Marquette in the opening round before scoring 28 points in a valiant 90-62 loss to Florida State in the Round of 32.

But the dazzling point man isn’t quite ready to declare for the NBA Draft, at least not yet.

“That time will come,” Morant said, according to ESPN. “My focus is not on that right now. It’s just celebrating this — what a great season we had — with my teammates.”

Murray State has yet to get out of the Round of 32 in the school’s history, yet getting the national notoriety they’ve gotten recently after being largely overshadowed by big brother University of Kentucky has to be a good consolation prize to have.

The Racers head coach Matt MacMahon advised his sophomore guard to take a rest and step away from it all before making a vital decision on his future, one that could peg him as a top-three pick in the upcoming NBA Draft.

“I told Ja he needs to just step away,” McMahon said Monday night, according to WSPD 6. “He’s been working like crazy. He started his preparation for this season a day after we lost to West Virginia last year. He went right back into the gym in preparation for this. He needs to just step away right now, take a little time for himself, spend some time with his family, and there will come a time and a place for him to handle all that.”

Morant’s announcement should come sooner or later, as this is a chance too good to pass up, but it won’t come just yet.