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Wendell Carter called the perfect modern day center

With the 2018 NBA Draft quickly approaching, Wendell Carter is receiving some high praise, with one person calling him the perfect modern day center.

While you might believe the messenger to be bias, in a good story ran by the New York Post, some incredible love was hurled toward the former Duke Blue Devils standout.

“He was Defensive Player of the Year for our team,” Duke associate head coach Jon Scheyer said on a conference call. “I think he’s the perfect modern 5 in the NBA, when you think about offensively he can stretch the floor to the 3-point line, he’s a very good shooter with time. He’s smart, he can pass, he can make reads. And of course he’s got moves in the post. When you looks at the spacing that teams are looking for, he provides that.”

Wendell Carter, who many believe has one of the safer floors in the 2018 NBA Draft, is thought to possibly be the next evolution of an Al Horford-type. That he can do what Horford has done, but instead of being a big who can pull up from mid-range, Carter can stretch that shot beyond the arc.

Basically, while Carter isn’t projected to put up gaudy numbers in the NBA, he can have a huge impact for his team by way of doing everything above average, even it never means being a 22-plus point per game scorer.