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Baron Davis goes at Derek Fisher over old CBA issue, new business venture

Baron Davis, Derek Fisher

Baron Davis just took a shot at Derek Fisher over an old CBA controversy after news broke out that the latter has joined a luxury lending outfit.

Via his Twitter account, Davis retweeted the news of Fisher joining Luxury Asset Capital, while reviving an old CBA issue:

To recall, back when Fisher was the NBPA’s president, he was sued by CBA executive director Billy Hunter for working behind the curtains with former NBA Commissioner David Stern during the 2011 NBA lockout to seal some sort of deal that would favor the team owners, not the players.

It wasn’t just Davis who took a shot at Fisher for his latest business move. NBA veteran Jared Dudley, who plays for the Brooklyn Nets, also felt something fishy about the luxury lending outfit:

From the company’s website, Fisher — tagged as the Executive Vice President for Sports & Entertainment — has the following tasks at hand:

Derek Fisher and Sandy Fox are among the most knowledgeable people in the sports and entertainment world regarding the financial pressure professional athletes and entertainers face, and the most trusted. They are uniquely positioned to deliver the value of Luxury Asset Capital’s short-term liquidity solutions to the community of current and former athletes and entertainers that they know so well.

Though it may look harmless at face value, Baron Davis and Jared Dudley’s reaction prove otherwise. There might be something more under the company’s sleeve, and it doesn’t help that Fisher has a history of controversy with money.