NBA news: Blazers' Ed Davis roasts 'dunk week' on Twitter
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Blazers’ Ed Davis roasts ‘dunk week’ on Twitter

Ed Davis

Apparently, it is NBA Dunk Week starting Monday, but Ed Davis of the Portland Trail Blazers has some thoughts on that.

The NBA’s Twitter account posted four photos of players in mid-flight, seemingly about to dunk on their opponents who are jumping up to attempt to block the dunk. Davis, bless his soul, is in two of these photos. See below.

The first photo appears to be Stanley Johnson of the Detroit Pistons. The second is unmistakably Russell Westbrook of the Oklahoma City Thunder. In both photos, Davis is meeting them at the apex of their jump. Granted, Davis isn’t necessarily known as an elite shot blocker, but he’ll get guys from time to time.

Davis chimed in on the NBA’s tweet in the most hilarious fashion. He replied to the tweet and said both Johnson and Westbrook missed the dunks that he was defending. The same dunks the NBA chose to feature on their Twitter account. Below is Davis’ reply.

Many times, fans remember the dunks that players miss more than the ones they make. This is most likely because so many players can dunk and make a very high percentage of them. So when players miss, they notice.

It appears players notice, too, and Davis definitely remembers. It’s funny that Davis is basically poo-pooing on the NBA’s benevolent tweet made to get fans excited about the NBA in a period where nothing is really happening.

But when the games start up again, you can bet Johnson and Westbrook are going to try to get Davis back for real.