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Carmelo Anthony, LaMelo Ball share awesome moments amid ‘Melo’ debate

Carmelo Anthony, LaMelo Ball, Trail Blazers, Hornets

There’s an ongoing debate among NBA fans on who’s the real Melo especially amid the emergence of Charlotte Hornets rookie LaMelo Ball. But Portland Trail Blazers forward Carmelo Anthony seemed to have ended such debates after he shared a pair of awesome moments with the rising star.

Before the tip-off of their matchup on Monday, Anthony saw Ball chilling on the bench and immediately gave him some love. While Ball seemed nonchalant about it, we can assume that he was awestruck when the veteran forward dapped him up.

After the game, the two swapped jerseys and even posed for a photo. It was a neat little gesture from both players. Anthony recognizes that Ball could be that next big thing. The newcomer, for his part, knows how much of a legend Anthony is.

Both Melos had huge games on Monday as the Trail Blazers beat the Hornets, 123-111. The older Melo had 29 points, while the younger Melo finished with 30 markers.

The two cool moments may finally end the debate among fans on who’s really the real Melo. Some say that Anthony’s already washed up and so LaMelo Ball now deserves the familiar nickname. Others say that Carmelo Anthony will forever be an NBA great and no one deserves to be called Melo other than him.

But looking past such arguments, one can confidently say that the two are the best at what they do: Playing basketball and entertaining the fans. Perhaps the best thing to do is to simply appreciate their talents rather than have continuous debates on something trivial.