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Cedric Ceballos posts uplifting update on scary COVID-19 situation

Cedric Ceballos, Lakers, NBA

Former NBA journeyman Cedric Ceballos has been battling a serious case of COVID-19 and was even in the ICU because of it. While he still remains there, Ceballos has announced that he is now free of the virus but the after-effects are still very real:

Cedric Ceballos has been in the ICU since late August, initially posting this scary message:

This is a prime example of just how serious COVID-19 can be. It’s unknown if Ceballos is vaccinated, but still, he is having problems breathing and walking. The 1992 dunk champion played a total of 11 years in the NBA before a brief stint overseas after his career in the association. He also made an All-Star team in 1995 with the Los Angeles Lakers after averaging a career-high 21.7 points.

Cedric Ceballos is fighting tirelessly to get back to normal but it’s clearly a massive battle for him. The 52-year-old will likely remain in the ICU until he feels healthy enough to go back home. This situation should be a wake-up call for the countless Americans who refuse to get vaccinated for COVID-19. This is a very real problem the entire world is having and it could literally affect anyone.

Prayers to Cedric Ceballos as he continues to get back to his normal self.