NBA news: Charles Barkley apologizes for 'inappropriate and unacceptable' comment to Axios reporter
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Charles Barkley apologizes for ‘inappropriate and unacceptable’ comment to Axios reporter

Charles Barkley

Basketball Hall of Famer and long-time host of NBA on TNT Charles Barkley has recently found himself in some hot waters. As it turns out, this was completely of his own doing, with the 56-year-old opting to apologize for what he deemed to be an inappropriate joke.

News recently broke that Sir Charles was allegedly quoted telling a reporter that, “I don’t hit women but if I did I would hit you.”

Editor’s note: A previous version of this story misquoted Barkley’s quote, reflecting sexual harassment instead of  the accurate violence, but has been updated. 

The indecency is as clear as day in Barkley’s remark, and as he expressed himself in his statement, he truly appreciates the fact that there is absolutely no excuse for his untoward comment.

The 11-time All-Star appears to have owned up to his mistake here, and instead of trying to defend himself, Barkley and his camp have decided to just apologize for his wrongdoing. This could end up as the best move for him in this situation, as attempting to publicly clear his name would have likely made matters much worse.

Barkley has been in the industry for over three decades now, and surely, he is certainly no stranger to the ins and outs of being a huge celebrity. Nevertheless, this should serve as another learning experience for the former league MVP. After all, as they say, one is never too old to learn.