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Thunder’s Chris Paul deflects credit for NBA restart to one player

Chris Paul, Thunder, Suns

For Oklahoma City Thunder guard Chris Paul, who is also the NBPA President, much of the credit should be given to Miami Heat veteran Andre Iguodala for his efforts in jolting the NBA restart.

Paul appeared on Russell Wilson’s DangerTalk Podcast where he talked about everything and anything about basketball. Paul has been praised by the media and his peers for doing a great job at uniting NBA players amid these trying times. But Paul deflected all the credit and gave it to Iguodala, the NBPA’s First Vice President.

“Anybody that’s on these executive committees or whatnot, it’s not a paid position, right? So it’s service, you know what I mean? It’s service, and that’s why I commend all the guys in our league that’s on our executive committee. Through all of this stuff, our executive committee was amazing, but the guy who none of this stuff would’ve happened without is Andre Iguodala,” Paul said, as transcribed by Moke Hamilton of USA Today.

Chris Paul added that he and Iguodala had many conversations together. All of which revolved around uniting all NBA players. In the beginning, it was just about the coronavirus. But then, the killing of George Floyd occurred which triggered riots and protests across the US. As the leaders of the NBPA, Paul and Iguodala had to take these events into consideration.

“Me and [Andre Iguodala] been on the executive committee for years, and the amount of conversations me and him had to have in trying to manage all the different players — cus you think about it, it’s 450 players, so what may be good for this guy might not be good for this guy. So what you have to do is have very tough conversations and hard conversations…”

Iguodala and Paul are certainly not just the smartest players on the court, but off the court as well. Hats off to them.