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Chris Paul on why Allen Iverson, Gilbert Arenas were so tough to guard

Chris Paul, Gilbert Arenas, Allen Iverson, NBA

When Chris Paul came into the NBA back in 2005, he had to guard the likes of Allen Iverson and Gilbert Arenas right away.

Paul had to guard Iverson and Arenas because those were two of the best guards in the NBA at the time and CP3 was trying to take the mantle from them:

Before the NBA season got suspended, Paul did an interview with Taylor Rooks of Bleacher Report where the future NBA Hall of Famer talked about why he’s always in Shai Gilgeous-Alexander’s ear.

One of the things Paul has been telling Gilgeous-Alexander to do this season is guard the other team’s best player at his position, just like he had to do with Iverson and Arenas:

“And I’m constantly telling Shai all the time that, ‘I had to go out there and try and guard AI. I had to try and guard Gil. It’s cuz it’s alright to get your ass busted on a given night…you’re learning,” Chris Paul told Taylor Rooks of Bleacher Report.

“That’s what I’m always on Shai about. You know, on this given night, you guard such and such. But at the same time, guess what, I don’t think he can guard you.”

To become an NBA superstar, you first have to dethrone one at your position.

Paul always played well against Iverson and Arenas because he was built for that moment and level of competition. More NBA players need that dog in them.

Paul, who is in his first season with the Oklahoma City Thunder, was averaging 17.7 points, 4.9 rebounds and 6.8 assists for OKC prior to the NBA suspending play.