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ESPN’s Doris Burke was a stud high school basketball player (Highlights)

Doris Burke

Aside from being Drake’s WCE or “Woman Crush Every day,” Doris Burke is known to many as one of the premier NBA analysts today. However, her success as a basketball player in her heyday is not exactly common knowledge.

That is until a 1983 video of Burke, then known as Doris Sable, made its rounds all over the world wide web. The clip contains highlights of an 18-year-old Burke dominating as the starting point guard of the Manasquan High School women’s basketball team.

The West Islip, New York native exhibited her speed and athleticism in the highlights video in which she appeared to be a cut above the rest. Her on-point mid-range shooting combined with her ability to make strong drives towards the basket made her pretty much unstoppable. Burke’s overall grasp of the game was also apparent as she collected a good number of steals which led to easy baskets for her team.

The excellent performance from Burke led to Manasquan winning the ballgame and clinching the Shore Conference Championship for that season.

After a successful high school basketball career, Burke was recruited to play for Providence College wherein she would achieve numerous accolades. In 1999 she was inducted into the Providence College Hall of Fame.