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Heat legend Dwyane Wade takes high road and praises Paul Pierce after fan says Pierce was better

Dwyane Wade, Paul Pierce

Recently-retired Miami Heat icon Dwyane Wade took the high road when a Boston Celtics fan took Paul Pierce’s side well after the latter was asked to compare their careers. The soon-to-be Hall of Famer praised Pierce for his long career and said he’d be one of many clapping when it’s his time to be inducted among the greats.

The original debate took place right before the end of the regular season, as ESPN host Michelle Beadle awkwardly prompted Pierce to compare their careers. Pierce didn’t hesitate to pick his over Wade’s, only to return to an onslaught of proof that Wade had achieved much more than he did in every facet of the game.

More championships, more All-NBA selections, a scoring title, multiple gold medals, better all-around numbers. The advantages are endless.

Yet you won’t see Wade debating his case or even trying to compare his career with Pierce’s — rather basking in the joy of his new-found retirement and reaping the fruits of 16 years of NBA action, most of them coming while donning a Heat jersey.

It is with that same class that Wade tunes out the outside noise and offers a polite response to someone trying to get on his nerves.

Retirement Wade is clearly as classy as he’s always been.