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Jazz’s Dennis Lindsey apologized to Thunder, says ownership and players are planning “something heartfelt” following Russell Westbrook incident

Dennis Lindsey, Russell Westbrook, Jazz, Thunder

Utah Jazz general manager Dennis Lindsey called Oklahoma City Thunder general manager Sam Presti to apologize to the organization for what happened on Monday between a Jazz fan and OKC star point guard Russell Westbrook.

A Utah fan told Westbrook to “Get on your knees like you’re used.” Westbrook was very angry about the words from the heckler and went on a profanity-laced rant at the fan.

The Jazz banned the fan for life from attending future games, while Westbrook was fined $25,000 by the NBA.

Lindsey says the Jazz and its players are planning “something heartfelt” following the incident.

“Our players are smart and socially conscious and want to use this as a forum,” Lindsey told Jeff Zillgitt of USA TODAY. “Thabo (Sefolosha) talked about his time in Italy, and everybody black and white has a story, but our country, like Pop (San Antonio coach Gregg Popovich) said, we have to talk about our national sin.

“People may say, ‘Hey, whatever, what the fan said was a small thing.’ Well, it’s not. What it does is make everyone feel small, and every Caucasian should take a look at themselves and look at their heart.”

Some fans in Utah (though not representative of the entire group by any stretch) have a history of saying racial remarks to players. Lindsey wants to make sure the rest of the league understands the Jazz organization is taking this situation very seriously.