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Julius Randle’s costly turnover call explained by Scott Foster

Julius Randle, Knicks, Nets, Scott Foster

NBA referee Scott Foster is standing by his controversial call on All-Star forward Julius Randle in the New York Knicks’ final possession against the Brooklyn Nets on Monday.

Foster blew his whistle for a traveling violation after Randle landed on his feet with the ball still in his hands. The crucial call ultimately caused the Knicks the game, 117-112. The usually soft-spoken Randle was livid and couldn’t contain himself after the final buzzer.

The 26-year veteran official though is not budging. Per Foster’s postgame report, he was correct in making the traveling call on Randle since the ball was never knocked out of Randle’s hands (via Howard Beck of Sports Illustrated).

“The defender was deemed to touch the ball, but not cause it to be dislodged or loose. Upon that when the player alights, he cannot purposely drop the ball or dribble the ball or be first to touch after he dropped the ball.”

Foster also clarified that even if Randle did purposely drop the ball to gain possession back, he still wouldn’t have been allowed to touch the ball first given that he still had possession of the ball after it was tapped by Kyrie Irving.

“Basically, prior to Julius alighting, the ball was touched. He alighted and he can pass or shoot but he cannot purposely drop the ball and be the first to touch nor can he dribble.”

This is going to be a long conversation and unfortunately for Julius Randle and the Knicks, they’re still going home with an L no matter who ends up being right.