Sunday night's Game 1 between the Houston Rockets and the Golden State Warriors is surrounded by controversy. After the Warriors' 104-100 victory, many Rockets players and fans voiced their complaints about the game's officiating.

Voices on both sides weighed in over the following days. But on Tuesday, the league released its 48 minute report on the game. The report included the amount of calls the league believes were missed for each team. Via Sam Amick of The Athletic on Twitter:

The report shows that officials missed more calls for Houston than they did for Golden State. Given the four-point margin that separated the two teams, it isn't unreasonable to say these missed calls decided the game.

However, there will always be a human element involved in officiating. The referees are unable to review every play and are certain to make mistakes. This one-game sample says nothing definitive about the officials. It certainly doesn't suggest they are biased towards the Warriors in any way, as many have claimed.

The Rockets know this. But their complaints go back much further. The team reportedly sent a memo to the league office complaining that the officiating in Game 7 of the 2018 Western Conference Championship between the two teams cost the Rockets a championship. Golden State won that game by a score of 101-92, but Houston claims that missed calls cost the team 18.6 total points.

All eyes are certain to be on the referees for the remainder of the series between these two teams. The Warriors lead 1-0, and Houston will look to even the series on Tuesday night at 10:30 P.M. EST.