NBA news: LeBron James mom’s ex-boyfriend ridiculously claims to have proof on LeBron-Beyoncé rumors
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LeBron James’ mom’s ex-boyfriend ridiculously claims to have proof on LeBron-Beyoncé rumors

LeBron James, Beyonce, Gloria James

Three-time NBA champion LeBron James has had a stellar 15-year career thus far. Not only has he achieved everything there is to accomplish in the league, but he has done so without the distractions of off-court drama.

However, greatness comes with a price. For LeBron, this manifests in the multitude of haters and detractors that have plagued him throughout his illustrious career. The latest one comes in the form of a little-known rapper named Lambo, who has raised some wild accusations against the Los Angeles Lakers superstar.

Lambo took to Instagram to announce to the world his intention to drop a bombshell on LeBron and his alleged affair with music icon Beyonce. This could have easily been dismissed as nothing more than an attention-seeking heckler, but the fact that Lambo used to date LeBron’s mom, Gloria, probably gives his story a bit more credibility.

Then again, Lambo blatantly promotes his upcoming book in his post, saying that this is where he intends to spill the beans. The fact that he pretty much tagged the entire showbiz industry — and then some — makes his claim even more questionable, at best.

LeBron James has worked very hard to keep his reputation outside the world of basketball unblemished. The 33-year-old is known to be a genuine family man who puts their needs first before his. Throughout his 15 years in the spotlight, there have been no scandals. All this proves that this is nothing more than a publicity ploy that hopes to take advantage of LeBron’s fame.