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Rick Carlisle reveals the six non-players invited to players strike meetings

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The NBA players strike resulted in a number of heated, emotional meetings over the last couple of days. Dallas Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle was a part of those meetings, as was Clippers head coach Doc Rivers.

Carlisle says he and Rivers weren’t the only ones involved in these meetings. According to the Mavs head coach, five head coaches and a general manager were involved in the players meetings.

“I’m not gonna get into any details into the meetings I was in,” Rick Carlisle said, first and foremost. “I was in all the meetings and I’ll say this. I was privileged to be invited to the meeting yesterday along with Doc Rivers, Nick Nurse, Erik Spoelstra, Brad Stevens, and Masai Ujiri. We were six coaches and GMs that were invited.

“As an ex-player and and an ex-active member of the players association, I was so proud of what the players accomplished in the meetings yesterday. I was proud of the ay that they were able to address the situation on with ownership and they came out of it with. A new justice coalition and a lot of immediate action that can happen now with respect to voting, legislation, and wide ranging list of things and so it was very constructive. It was a hard two days. It was a very difficult two days A lot up in the air but the players decision to continue to play is a very important one historically and the fight goes on from here.”

From the details that have been released over the last couple of days, the players drew up some tangible changes that team owners and state officials could make immediately. On Friday morning, news came out that every single NBA arena would become a voting center for the November election.

Rick Carlisle also touched on a number of other things that his Mavericks were looking to change in their city of Dallas and home-state of Texas. Together with an organization called ‘Mother Against Police Brutality,’ the Mavs successfully banned strangleholds in Dallas and are currently working on another law that would ban shooting at a moving vehicle in Dallas as well.

There are a lot more moves to come, and this fight will continue for months and years, but the NBA is putting themselves at the forefront of change in our society, with many other sports following suit.