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Michael Jordan altercation was helpful to their relationship, per Steve Kerr


Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr has had a lot of fortune in his life. As a player and a coach, he has a total of eight rings. But Kerr, too, has dealt with misfortune. Such as a black eye from Michael Jordan himself after the two had a scuffle in their days with the Chicago Bulls. But looking back on that incident, Kerr believes that the altercation actually helped his relationship with the Greatest of All Time.

Speaking with Ernie Johnson, Kerr recalled how intense the practices were back in the day. Fights were a regular thing because of how stiff the competition was. From Kerr’s point of view, the fight between him and Michael Jordan was the latter’s way of testing him — perhaps to see how tough he is. Kerr felt like he passed this test and after which, their relationship bloomed. Although Kerr does not recommend anyone to try it at home.

In a separate interview, the former Bulls guard claims that he owes Jordan everything. Before he donned the Bulls jersey alongside Jordan, Kerr bounced around the league. But things drastically took a turn when Jordan became his teammate.

Kerr even believes that he owes his broadcasting career to Jordan. He felt that people hired him to talk on TV to share his insights simply because he was teammates with the Greatest of All Time.

Amid all his achievements, Kerr manages to be humble and not grab all the credit for his success. But of course, real fans know that Kerr is one hell of great coach and player.